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Author Reveals How ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Terminator’ Are Connected — and Biblical

Author Reveals How ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Terminator’ Are Connected — and Biblical

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An author has drawn a connection between The Matrix, The Terminator and the Bible, and it’s blowing our minds.

Sophia Stewart claims her 1981 unpublished comic book The Third Eye, which was inspired by her own faith, formed the basis of not one but two of the most popular sci-fi franchises of the 20th century: The Matrix and Terminator.

Terminator starts from the front of my book to the back,” Stewart said back in 2014The Matrix starts from the back of my book and works its way to the front. They are moving in two opposite directions. My book was separated into two. The Third Eye is an epic; my book spans three time frames: the past, the present and the future. Those films do the same thing.”

Although Stewart’s claims were disputed in a legal battle in 2014, she still makes a strong case for the films’ deeper spiritual message.

Speaking on The Armstrong Williams Show in 2019, Stewart said:

The Terminator is the prequels to, or the beginning of, The Matrix. Sarah Connor is actually Neo’s mother. So JC — John Connor — is Jesus Christ. And he grows up to be Neo. They’re one and the same. The Matrix is in the future, The Terminator is the past. It’s time travel — past, present, future. It’s the second coming of the Christ, the evolution of consciousness, man versus the machine.
The Terminator machines hear that a child is going to be born that’s going to terminate them in the future when they oppress man. It’s man versus the machine. It’s God’s children versus man’s children, which was technology.
So the Terminator has to time travel to the past, because they know it’s Sarah Connor, and they have to kill her — terminate her — so she won’t have the baby. Kyle Reese, he comes from the future to protect her and he inadvertently gets her pregnant. He has to go back to the future. And that’s the Immaculate Conception, because now she’s pregnant and she fell in love with a man — but did it really happen? Did he exist?
And then this child, when you see the three Terminators, the boy and then the man — subconsciously he doesn’t know why the Terminator is trying to kill him until he’s hidden out in the city in The Matrix, the future. When he reaches 30 years of age, the rebellion reloaded revolution starts, and the rebels come, they find him because they’ve been watching him all along. That’s what the Guardians and the Sentinels are all about.
They wake him up to his purpose. They take him to Morpheus to train him to fight the machines. They take him to the Oracle because of the prophecy. This is the whole epic story. It’s an epic.
You can watch Stewart’s full conversation with Williams here.

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