Our Team

Lazarus Aliyev

CEO Lazarus Art Productions

CEO of the company, Lazarus Aliyev, grew up in a very artistic world. His “career on stage” started at the age of 5 with setting up the chairs and music sheet stands for the Azerbaijani National Philharmonic Orchestra, growing up backstage and meeting world famous celebrities.


After graduating from Medical University, the love and passion for producing grew into reality. Graduate of a Hollywood Film Institute, Lazarus was blessed to become the Producer for the motion picture, “NINO”, and sponsored several theatrical performances and concerts.

Gia Kereselidze

Director / Writer / Editor

Georgi (Gia) Kereselidze was born on March 13, 1966 in Tbilisi, Georgia, in a family that cherished and greatly contributed to the arts. His father, Konstantin Kereselidze, documentary film director, and an artist mother Larisa Alekseeva developed Gia’s love to art from his childhood. When Gia was nine years old, his father presented him a movie camera, which Gia filmed his first animated film with. Series of his early cartoons, such as ”Dangerous Fun” and the ”Square of the Flower”have been awarded first prizes in numerous children’s and youth film festivals. In 1991, Gia presented his animated film ”Brighter Than The Sun” at the MGM Animation Celebration Film Festival in Orlando, Florida. After nine years of working as Senior Designer for USA Today, Gia decided to leave the company and established his own production company ”Artmangia Pictures”. In 2007 his new animated film ”Hope” was shown at the Cannes “Short Corner” Film Festival and specially selected by Mini Movie International Channel, as well as winning best animation at St. Andrew’s Cross Film Festival and an Audience Award for best animation at DCiff Film Festival. Gia currently debuts in a motion picture and is working on his new feature film ”Nino” – a historical drama, depicting the life and endeavors of St. Nino, the Enlightener of Georgia (Iberia).

Andrei Negoita


Film director Andrei Negoita is a Romanian emigrant living in Santa Rosa, California. He was born in Iasi, Romania on 21st May 1961. He attended school in Barlad, Romania and also received music education at the Music School in Barlad. In 1987, he received his diploma in Medicine from the University of Iasi. He worked as a trainee doctor in Barlad from 1987 to 1990, then as a general practitioner in Barlad from 1990 to 1993. From 1997 to 2005, he was a Research Physician in Interventional Cardiology with the Cardiology Research Foundation George Washington Hospital, Washington DC, Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan New York and Columbia University Manhattan New York. He became a graduate of SVA (School of Visual Arts), Manhattan, New York, after attending a 5-year Programme (2000-2005) as a full time student, majoring in Filmmaking (Director) and Cinematography.

Panagiotis Filippou

Greek Photographer / Filmmaker

Panos has a style that marries color, light and perspective with emotion. He is an artist, editor and technician. His first multi-award-winning film, ‘Greek Skies’ involved 55,000 photos, 825 hours of shooting, 8400 kilometers of travel, 650 hours of editing, and countless hours of praying.


His detail oriented vision has led him to earn recognition from the prestigious festivals around the world and build a huge army of fans.


Panos began taking photos at the age of seven, clutching the precious Kodak his father had given him as a gift. In their small vil­lage of Agria, the boy soon found an important outlet in the creativity of the photographer’s lens, and quickly honed his professional eye.


After his miraculous healing from cancer, Panos devotes his mission to those in need, less fortunate and most importantly to Glorify God for the gift of life.